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Our Core Beliefs

We believe...

God is sovereign.

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit have eternally lived as One God.

God created all that is.

God graciously deals with His people by way of covenant relationship.

Mankind is fallen through sin against God.

Jesus came to save sinners.

Believers are made right with God by faith alone in Christ alone.

Believers are sanctified by the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Church is God's Family where believers are intended to grow and serve.

All will face a final judgment and resurrection

Providence Classical Academy is intentionally a school made up of students from different churches, with over 10 local churches and several denominations represented by our student body. Still we are intentionally historically grounded in orthodox Christianity. The purpose of Providence Classical Academy is to pursue the glory of God and the good of His people by providing a classical and Christian education founded upon a Biblical worldview, which equips students to know, love and practice the Truth and challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully in service to God and man. In order to accomplish this goal, PCA board and teachers hold to the following Statement of Faith as the core foundation for which all truth must be laid.


1. GOD IS SOVEREIGN. God sovereignly controls all things and works them all for His glory. His plans and purposes always prevail; nothing can thwart them.

2. THE BIBLE IS THE INERRANT WORD OF GOD. God's written Word, the Bible, is free from error in the original text and completely trustworthy. We submit to its authority, acknowledging it to be inspired by God and carrying the full weight of His authority.

3. THREE PERSONS (THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE SPIRIT) HAVE ETERNALLY LIVED AS ONE GOD. These three are one God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory. These three have communed from eternity past to present in love with One another. Each member of the Godhead has different roles but work together in all their works, namely Creation and Redemption.

4. GOD CREATED ALL THAT IS. God was pleased to create the universe from nothing. God spoke, and everything was created, including humans. Man and woman were created in the image of God with the purpose of glorifying Him and enjoying Him forever. All that God created was good.

5. GOD GRACIOUSLY DEALS WITH HIS PEOPLE BY WAY OF COVENANT RELATIONSHIP. God is the same God of both the New and the Old Testaments and has always dealt graciously with His people through means of a covenant, which is a relationship that God establishes with His people and guarantees by His word. Because God chooses to keep the terms in His covenant with mankind even when mankind breaks the terms, the believer's confidence and hope is in God's covenantal faithfulness rather than human performance. Through the historical stages of creation, fall, redemption and glorification, God is gracious and faithful to His people.

6. MANKIND IS FALLEN THROUGH SIN AGAINST GOD. While made in God's image, the first man and woman, desiring to be god, distrusted and disobeyed God and were therefore put at enmity with God. Because of sin, we live in a world that is broken by the curse and all humans are broken, being from birth both guilty and twisted. While we are not as given over as we could be, every part of our faculties (heart, mind, and emotions) are bent toward sin. All mankind, as Adam's heirs, participated in his fall and are by nature and by choice sinners without any power to save themselves and restore themselves to a right relationship with God.

7. JESUS CAME TO SAVE SINNERS. Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God and the only Savior of the world. Fully God and fully man, He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. At God's initiative, Christ alone secured salvation for believers by dying the death that we deserve to die (substitutionary atonement) on the cross and by living the life God calls us to live. Jesus rose bodily from the dead, ascended to the right hand of the Father and will come again in power and glory.

8. BELIEVERS ARE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD BY FAITH ALONE IN CHRIST ALONE. Believers neither deserve salvation from the penalty of sin—the just wrath of God, nor can they earn it. Justification (being made right with God) is granted solely by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. When we rest on Him for our acceptance with God, God forgives our sin and credits us with His righteous life.

9. BELIEVERS ARE SANCTIFIED BY THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Every true believer in Jesus Christ is indwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit, who enables believers to live a godly life and to perform good works. While in justification God declares us to be holy in light of Christ, sanctification is the work of God's grace in which He increasingly conforms us to Christ's likeness causing we who trust Christ to progressively grow in personal holiness. While faith alone saves us, saving faith is always accompanied with godliness and good deeds.

10. THE CHURCH IS GOD'S FAMILY WHERE BELIEVERS ARE INTENDED TO GROW AND SERVE. The triune God has established a visible church which is called to live in the power of the Holy Spirit under the authoritative regulation of Holy Scripture, exercising discipline and administering the sacraments, and preaching the gospel of Christ. All believers are spiritually united to the Lord Jesus Christ, and as such are united to His body, the Church. Every believer is called to be baptized and in doing so to be part of His bride, the Church. We are to actively share our lives with believers of our local church.


This statement of faith contains the essential biblical doctrines that guide the ministry of the school. These primary doctrines define the perspective from which all classes are taught and are one of the tools that is used in the hiring of faculty and administration. Surely issues will arise upon occasion within the curriculum that are not defined by this statement of faith. Providence recognizes that Christians are at liberty to reach different conclusions on many of these issues.

The school's recognition that Christians disagree on these topics, however, should not be interpreted to mean that the school believes that there are no right answers to questions regarding these issues. Issues not settled by this statement of faith will ultimately be resolved by reference to historic, orthodox Christianity.

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