Does Providence provide the sort of education that you want for your child?

Our Mission

Providence Classical Academy seeks to pursue the glory of God and the good of His people by providing a classical and Christian education founded upon a Biblical worldview, which equips students to know, love, and practice the Truth and challenges them to strive for excellence as they live purposefully in service to God and man.

Our Vision

Providence Classical Academy envisions training students to be lifelong learners, who will fully engage both heart and mind to know and serve God. We want our students to have a relationship with God through Christ that is exhibited in every are a of life and culture.

Our Assumptions

for what you want for your student

  • You want your child to be loved
  • You want your child to be grounded in Christ
  • You want your child to fall in love with learning
  • You want your child to develop the skills for them to thrive in this world and be influencers in this world.

We recognize that these are not the desires of every parent, but these are the assumptions that have shaped who we are and what we do as a school.



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How do we fulfill this vision?

Our Resources for Shaping Students

We long for our students to trust, know,and love the Lord in all of life.  Everything that we do, from relationships to discipline, is aimed at this goal.

We primarily use tried and true teaching Classical methods that have been successfully instructing students for years (vs the new approaches to education that seen to be a revolving door in modern education); we read Classical literature that has become favorites over the years (vs just reading what is popular today); we aim at the Classical objective of building wisdom and character as the goal of education.

Relationships are a critical part of children and families being formed.  Providence seeks to nurture great relationships among our students and their families.

Teachers marked by a love for the Lord, a love for learning, a love for students, and a competence for the classroom.

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What our students say…

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