Welcome to Providence! As you are here to explore what Providence provides and if Providence is the place for your child, we want to provide the information that you are looking for and to make ourselves available to you to show you around and answer your questions.

Schedule A Tour

The best way to learn about who we are and what we do is to come for a school tour. To set up a tour, feel free to email us ( or to give a call to Susan Gordon, our admissions director: (318)820-9465. The next step is to fill out the application (upload file).  You can bring or mail in your application with the $100 registration fee. After you submit your child’s application, then we will set up an assessment test for your child. After testing, you should hear back a decision within a few days (or a few weeks during February enrollment).  Once you hear back a decision, you will have two weeks to submit the registration with the registration fee.

Additional Information

About our costs for the 2017-18 school year (new costs released in January):
Tuition: $6,150 (usually broken over 10 monthly payments)
Application: $100
Registration: $400 (if you give us notice within 2 weeks of acceptance)

About our academics:

We are seeking to provide a world-class education in the Classical tradition in the context of Christ-centered discipleship.  Thus, we seek to provide a classical Christian education.


What are some elements involved in Classical Education?

  • In contrast to modern education, we use old (proven) methods reading old (influential) books seeking to teach old (important) skills.
  • Grammar (Grades K-5): Focused on what to know (pursuit of knowledge). The early grades focus on learning through stories, songs, and chants, learning the basics well and memorizing critical information.  We want well-informed students.
  • Logic (Grades 6-8): How to think (pursuit of understanding and reason).  The middle grades focus on thinking skills.  We want our students to be thinkers.
  • Rhetoric (Grades 9-12): How to live in light of truth and communicate it persuasively to others (pursuit of wisdom and skills of expression).  Our High School grades focus on helping students give meaning to, apply, express and live out what they know and understand to be the truth.  We want our students to live in light of what they believe.
  • PCA teaches students how to learn by providing them with tools that enable them to explore subjects appropriately at any level.  This further promotes their desire and love for learning. Our students are equipped with skills that will make them lifetime learners.
  • Unique classes at PCA: History (taught from Ancient Civilization through Modern over 3 cycles from Elementary to High School), Latin, Logic, Rhetoric


Christian education

Christian education is teaching all subjects from history to science to literature from a view of the world and life informed by the story of God: He made all things good (Creation), the world and everything and everyone in it has been polluted as He judged sin (the Fall), His reclaiming all things in Christ (Redemption), and where He is bringing everything (Consummation).  It is education that has at its center that all of life belongs to God, and all of life (from law to business to neighboring) is to be lived for His glory.  We are seeking to train our students to truly think—in a distinctively Biblical way, to be discerning believers, learning to see the world and the different subjects as God sees them.

  • Knowing the Scriptures
  • Connecting all their subjects with Biblical truth
  • Life-on-life discipleship


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